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Experience natural meditative state with sound healing

The medicine of the future will be frequency medicine – Albert Einstein

The frequency of sound has been used for centuries in Tibetan and Buddhist cultures for meditation and healing. The practice involves the use of singing bowls that resonates with the sound of ‘Om’, considered the sound of universe.

Sound therapy is an effective way to heal and nourish the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Since most of the diseases known today are psychosomatic or stress related, sound healing helps to release the toxins in the energy body, thereby facilitating inner healing mechanism.

Group sound healing is an immersive experience of being bathed in the journey of soothing sounds leading you into a natural meditative state. The frequency of Tibetan bowls alters the brain waves to alpha (8-13 hz) and theta (4-8 hz) state inducing deep relaxation and promoting inner peace and harmony.

1:1 sessions offer in depth experience with specific techniques of bowls played near or on the body, the resonant sound and gentle vibrations helps to release energy blockages on a deep cellular level.

Sound healing is used as therapy within complementary alternative medicine, wellness centers as well as mainstream medical applications. Hospitals and healthcare centers increasingly use music therapy to improve patient outcomes.

Session Overview

Reduction in stress, anxiety, insomnia as well as alleviating symptoms of chronic pain, hypertension, fatigue to name a few. Sound healing helps to boost immunity and promote inner peace, strength, and harmony.

The frequency of the therapeutic singing bowls puts you in a deep relaxed meditative state. In this natural state, the subconscious facilitates the release of toxic energy from the emotional and mental body, thus enabling the body to return to its balance. When there are no toxins present, it helps to strengthen the energy body.

Sound healing is NOT advisable for:

  • women during their first 12 weeks of pregnancy
  • anyone with open and unhealed wounds
  • anyone with serious mental health illness
  • anyone with nerve damage or brain injury
  • anyone with epilepsy and seizures

Anyone with a pacemaker, stent/shunt or metal implants in their body must inform their therapist to ensure the metal bowls are not placed directly on the body and used with a minimum distance of 20cm.

Sound healing is generally relaxing and a positive experience. To prepare for the session, you would need a yoga mat, an eye cover, a cushion, and a shawl to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the journey of sound healing. While it is common to fall asleep during the therapy, some may also experience tears, temporary pain, or involuntary physical movement. This facilitates the release of toxins and usually subsides.

Sound healing is a deeply immersive experience that continues to affect the recipient until few days after receiving the session.

Experience harmony within the mind & body with Reiki

Reiki in Japanese is defined as spiritually guided ‘life force energy’. A natural and ancient healing technique that was discovered in the 1920’s by Dr. Mikao Usui during his spiritual awakening.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It is known to promote harmony within the mind and purify the energy channels to aid recovery in the physical body. The treatment is described as hands-on healing since the energy is channeled from the Divine and through the practitioner’s palms. Reiki is widely practiced as a complementary therapy within healthcare across the world.

Session Overview

Reiki helps with a myriad of symptoms including physical injury, post-surgery, chronic pain, migraines, muscular spasms, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues to name a few.
Reiki is channeled through the palms of the practitioner to release negative energy from major organs, chakras, and meridians (energy pathways). One or more treatments may be required depending on the severity of discomfort. The treatment is equally effective whether provided in-person or at a distance.
Reiki can be used for people, places, animals and even the environment!
In a distance healing, you would be asked to sit or lie down with your palms facing upwards. It is advisable to receive Reiki treatment in a quiet place whilst focusing your attention on prayer or meditation. In areas where energy is being directed, a sensation of warmth, coldness or tingling may be experienced.
People have reportedly felt deep relaxation, reduction in stress, improved flow of energy, and strengthened immunity.